About Toni Ave & Co.

Toni Ave & Co, owned by Jaime Powell, is a LA based haistyling brand. After 15 years of service, Jaimie decided to re-brand as Toni Ave & Co. His vision for the new brand would be selling of hair extensions, wigs, and hair care products.

The Relationship & Services Provided

King Davis of The 95 Agency LLC served as the brand manager and product developer. Our agency provided the following initial services for this hair care line:

  • Product development
  • Brand management
  • Business management and administration

Additional services offered

  • Creative direction
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Barcode submission
  • Product and package development

King Davis and The 95 Agency LLC were responsible for:

  • created a hair care product (shampoo & conditioner line)
  • logo design and development
  • website development and design
  • creative direction on all visuals (photography & video)