About Shank Da Rookie

Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of recording artist Khyran Shank who is better known as Shank Da Rookie. Already having a love for writing & poetry, his love for music started at a friend’s home studio. He spends the next few years finding his sound and perfecting his craft.  Actively writing and recording music since 2013, Shank Da Rookie decided to move to Atlanta to pursue his dreams. Being introduced to his peers as “Shank” by his college track coach, he ran with that as his moniker. Shank wasn’t enough upon entering the music industry full time. Feeling new to the industry and wanting to soak up as must knowledge as possible, he started a campaign called “Support Da Rookie”. The Support Da Rookie campaign became the soundtrack to his new music career. Combining them both, Shank Da Rookie was born. His sound is unique yet very lyrical. When asked how do you define your sound, he was quoted saying “my music takes people to a different state of mind.” Inspiring others is the focus for Shank Da Rookie. He credits his family & his life experiences as being his inspiration behind his growing music career and content.

SDR is about to take the music industry by storm. His ability to express his vision and feelings lyrically makes him a real threat to the game. Writing music is second nature and because of that – he is able to successfully craft a unique sound. Shank Da Rookie’s music content, catalog, and the sound aren’t bound to a certain region of the country.  Because of that – he is able to reach a various number of music lovers from east coast to west coast.

Every artist has a set of key individuals that he looks to as inspiration. SDR says that his list of music artists are based on their delivery and overall brand. He says that he admires Jay-Z for his business mind, J Cole for his relatability through his music and Kendrick Lamar for his intense energy.

The Relationship & Services Provided

King Davis of The 95 Agency LLC served as the entertainment/brand manager public relations, and marketing specialist. Our agency provided the following initial services for this music artist

  • Public relations
  • Brand management
  • Business management and administration
  • Marketing and advertising

Additional services offered

  • Creative direction
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Website design & development

King Davis and The 95 Agency LLC were responsible for:

  • creating a branding plan to increase brand awareness
  • marketing and advertising (social media)
  • website development and design
  • creative direction on all visuals (photography & video)
  • public relations (client appeared in Sheen Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine)