Royally Delicious Sweets: Queensicles & Treats to Sign with The 95 Agency - The 95 Agency

Royally Delicious Sweets: Queensicles & Treats to Sign with The 95 Agency

Chicago, IL- May 7th, 2020 Queensicle & Treats has signed The 95 Agency to head branding and business management aspects of the corporation. 

Queensicles & Treats is a Chicago-based infused pastry brand , ranging from popsicles to dessert bars. Owner, Katrina Jenkins, a self-proclaimed CBD/THC advocate brings together her love of her two favorite cravings: Cannabis and Cake (and cookies, and chocolate, and candy… the list goes on). With Jenkins’ list of royal treats continuing to expand she decided it was time to sugar up and aim for her sweetest dreams, thus choosing to team with The 95 Agency.

The 95 Agency will be leading business management and branding concepts for Queensicle’s launch in the coming Summer of 2020. Beginning with, but not limited to, packaging development, business plan conceptualization, web domain foundation and customization, graphic content creation, media relations, and more. Beyond this, The 95 will be working alongside Queensicles & Treats to elevate products into stores and dispensaries nationwide. Providing accessibility to Queensicle’s array of infused goods to all her local consumers and far more. 

Queensicles & Treats; coming to a store near you, soon! Until then Queensicle & Treats entire catalogue will be available for purchase and delivery on their website.