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Pretty Girls Cook Too: The 95’s Newest Joint Venture

Serving You HEAT in the Kitchen:

The 95 Agency’s LLC partnership with Cookin Pretty Enterprises

ATLANTA, GA – May 2nd, 2020 introduces the brand partnership connecting The 95 Agency and Cookin Pretty Enterprises with the launch of the first episode of Pretty Girl’s Cook Too.

The 95 Agency has partnered with Chef Shaniece Ross, CEO of Cookin Pretty Enterprises, for the creation and branding of Pretty Girl’s Cook Too, a multi-episode cooking series starring Chef Shaniece. The series centers around Chef Shaniece’s unique recipes as she takes a lighter spin on your average cooking channel. Chef Shaniece looks to bring the party into the kitchen with special female guest bartender, Meme, pouring up handcrafted signature cocktails and inviting some special-guests for good conversation and great vibes. The 95 Agency has come aboard to manage and oversee the branding launch, marketing plans and public relations management for all involved projects. Within this affiliation, The 95 Agency will also be coordinating the launch party for Pretty Girls Cook Too set for Summer 2020. As well as, initiating sponsorship opportunities and brand partnerships.  

The pilot episode, “Tacos & Tequila”, is set to be released May 2nd as the grand launch for Cookin Pretty Enterprises latest endeavor. “Tacos & Tequila” features two types of specialty tacos with Niece’s recipes for a chipotle salmon taco with a broccoli slaw, as well as, a jerk mushroom taco with mango slaw. Meanwhile featured bartender Meme, shows us how she shakes up a classic margarita with a Tequila twist for this Cinco De Mayo inspired feast. Chef Shaniece chops up kale and conversation alike while she brings real-world hot topics into the kitchen and stirs up the pot in more ways than one.

Looking to welcome a wide array of special guests from influencers to culinary greats, Shaniece boasts a variety of relatable realism and recipes. With a southern palette and a true Atlantan demeanor, Chef Shaniece represents all that makes our city great and looks to highlight the culture while breaking bread. Pretty Girls Cook Too sets out to remind us to add a little more beauty in this world whether it’s with colorful food or colorful hair.